The Viz? To my Data?  

You’re probably wondering what dataviz is I speak of? 

Well, dataviz is short and sweet for data visualization.  

So, in long (and sweet), dataviz is the graphical representation of information and data

It is how we, as marketers, can use visual elements such as charts, maps, and graphs to help our audience to visualize and understand patterns and trends in data.  


Everyday dataviz is one of the four main types of dataviz.  

These are your typical bar graphs, pie charts, scatter plots, line graphs, etc.  

It’s where we take data, and we display it as simple, factual information that isn’t up for debate. 

Like dataviz extraordinaire Scott Berinato says, you should be able to share everyday dataviz without even speaking for the message or idea to get across. 


It’s not as scary as it sounds, I promise! 

Using everyday dataviz will help take your social media content to the next level.  

It will ultimately help you make the content you’re producing more memorable, increase engagement, and help establish credibility for you or your client.  

Take it from me…  

I work with coaches within the strength sports industry. If you didn’t know, everything in strength sports is so data driven; workout programming, nutrition tracking and programming, daily step tracking, sleep tracking, hydration tracking, etc. The list could go on.  

Which means there’s an abundance of opportunities to utilize everyday dataviz.  

So here are a couple ideas of how I have used everyday data viz in my content marketing to help my clients leverage data in their communications…  

line graph iconLine Graphs showing the trend of weight gain or loss.  

Used for: Instagram Post and Seminar Presentations 

This helped the coaches communicate and provide visual proof of the success people experience working with them. This ultimately led to an increase in nutrition clients and an increase in revenue.  

bar graph iconDouble Bar Graph showing the comparison of EMG data for deadlift variations. 

Used for: Instagram Post and Seminar Presentations 

This helped a coach take the data collected about the different muscle groups being used during conventional and sumo deadlifts and transform it into a simple dataviz to show which muscle groups were used more for the two deadlift variations.  

icon of people talking


If you haven’t been using everyday dataviz, let alone dataviz as a whole, you and your clients are missing out.  

Make data more comprehensive, undeniable, and engaging

I challenge you to create an everyday dataviz for one of your next data-filled posts or presentations! I promise you won’t regret it! 

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