From Domain to Design: 6 Essential Tips for Starting Your Own Website 

Creating a website may sound like a daunting or overwhelming task… 

And at times 

It definitely can be…  

Especially if this is your first time! 

Trust me, I can speak from experience!  

But I can also assure you it is one of the most creative, engaging, and eye-opening experiences. 

So lucky for you.. I am here to share some good ol wisdom. 

Hopefully to make your start a little less painful and a little more smooth and organized (for all my like-minded type-a friends)! 

6 Tips for Starting Your Own Website 

  1. Know your purpose and target audience. 

You want to ask yourself what message you want your readers to take away. What goal do you have? Do you want to inform your readers about the latest tips and tricks like yours truly? Or are you wanting to inform and provide a service such as coaching services or selling goods? To whom are you trying to tell this to? Having a solid purpose and audience in mind will help you determine your content, your voice, and ultimately the design of your site. 

  1. Create a domain name.  

This may sound like an easy feat but there are some things to take into consideration. You want to think relevant to your content, easy to remember, and of course available!  

  1. Pick a CMS that works for you and your goals.  

Circling back to our first tip… What is your goal and purpose? Do you want to blog? Sell a product or service? Do you want complete creative freedom, or do you want to be restricted to template settings? Do you want to find a web hosting provider, or do you not want to worry about it? These are all great things to consider when picking a reliable content management system (CMS). I personally love WordPress as it gives me all the creative freedom to share information with my audience (YOU!). But again, take the time to research, there are many options to choose from! 

  1. Take the time to plan. 

You want to make sure you outline your brand for this website. What colors do you want to use? Why? Consider color theory and the meanings of colors. Struggling to pick colors? Head over to Coolors.co for some inspiration!  

You’re also going to want to determine the kind of structure or how you want your content organized, what pages the website should have, etc. You want to plan so you can create a coheasive and visually appealing design to help engage your audience and add value to your site.  

  1. SEO is your best friend. 

Make sure your titles, headings, and meta descriptions are using those relevant buzzwords! You want to implement SEO techniques like the one mentioned so that you can increase your website’s visibility as well as its ranking on search engines such as Google.  

  1. Be kind to yourself and patient.   

This is probably the most important piece of advice I can give you. Creating a website takes time to perfect, especially if this is your first website. Be patient with yourself, it will take time to learn the ropes of the CMS you decide to use. I promise the patience will pay off in the end.

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Final Thoughts 

If you follow these tips and tricks, I guarantee you’ll have a much smoother and more exciting experience when creating your own website.    

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!   

Comment below with your latest tip or even your latest website creation!   


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