Space: The Secret to Your Next Social Media Post Taking Off! 🚀 

banner that represents how space enefits design;  a target for target audience, an announcement for communicating, a light bulb for alluding thoughts, and a half filled circle for balance.

Space is emptiness. It is silence. And it surrounds us.  

I mean, look at this post you’re reading now.. Or your favorite brand’s latest Instagram post.. 

I promise you… you will find space somewhere right in front of you! 

It is essential and unavoidable.  

Space is inevitable.  

So, shouldn’t we use it to our advantage?  

If you haven’t figured out the answer to this one yet…  

YES! Most definitely! 

Not convinced? Have no fear, Kristen is here.

4 Reasons You Should Harness The Power of Space and Emptiness  

target audience icon1. Emptiness and space help draw the audience in.  

It’s attractive, not only in the design eye but, in the eyes of everyone. Space makes content manageable, accessible, and readable.  

announcement icon2. Space helps communicate your message.  

It is almost as if you put your message up on a pedestal! Using space and emptiness intentionally will help highlight the main message you want the audience to interpret.  

light bulb icon3. Emptiness can allude to various objects and emotions.  

And yes, that means more than solitude. Space and emptiness have been found to signify wealth, luxury, abundance, calmness, purity, absolution, class, sacredness, cleanliness, land and water.  

balance icon4. Space brings balance.  

As design wiz Alex White says, space is a shape. And when we break down design, it is really just the arrangement of shapes. SO, using space intentionally, we need to think symmetrical and asymmetrical. Predictable arrangement, such as in symmetry, implies order, stability, and balance. In fact, it can even guide the reader! While asymmetry arrangement provides motion or activity that brings balance through contrast. 

people talking icon

Final Thoughts

Like mom always said less is more, right?  


Honestly, space is your ally. Use it to your advantage to reach your audience and communicate your message better.  

Comment below some ways you plan to harness space and emptiness in your next design!

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