To Video Ad, or Not to Video Ad, That Is The Question

Icons representing video advertising; engagement symbols, a computer with an ad, dataviz, an ad with a video ad, and shared experience shown through a phone and two people.

It is no secret we live in a world surrounded by video ads.  

We are greeted by them when we turn on our favorite streaming platform, click play on our favorite YouTuber’s channel, or pull up our favorite social media feed. 

Video advertising is everywhere

Not only is it everywhere, but it is what the consumers prefer. In fact, our friends at Animoto found that 4 times as many customers preferred watching a video on a product when compared to written text.  

And not only do they prefer it, but us marketers are seeing results…  

So that begs the question… To Video Ad, or Not to Video Ad? 

To Video Ad… 

  1. Engagement: Engages your audience visually and audibly   
  1. Emotion: Conveys not only information but also emotions to connect 
  1. Data: Provides powerful analytics (number of views, length of views, clicks, etc.) to drive your marketing plan 
  1. Shared Experience: Fosters a shared experience amongst the audience  
  1. Reach: Easily reaches a wider audience (and with potential of going viral!) 

…or to not.

…or To Not Video Ad 

  1. Audience Attention Levels: With a wide range of audience attention levels, it can be challenging to communicate effectively to your audience. Video ads provide a small window to engage, entertain, and persuade. Hint: Knowing your audience and timing is of the essence here! 
  1. Ad Blocking/Skipping: Ads can sometimes be seen as intrusive or annoying. Your audience is looking for a smooth viewer experience that is beneficial and pertinent to them. Hint: If it is not, the skip button is only a click away! 
  1. $$$: Video ads can be much more expensive to produce than static ads. 
  1. Time Commitment: It takes time to master the skill and level of creativity required for creating video ads. And don’t forget the time spent creating a video ad!  

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, how you choose to communicate with your audience will depend on your budget, the story being told, the message being shared, your targeted audience, and your overall goal with the ad.   

If you want my advice, I say dive on in, the water’s fine

Put in the time. Learn about video ads. Study your audience. Analyze the data. And go from there.

So now I must know..

To video ad or not to video ad

Let me know in the comments below!

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